Heritage Glazing

Barrowby Reading Room – Grantham

Barrowby Reading Room / Lincoln County Council commission to replace existing old inefficient worn-out Crittall metal windows with minimal disruption. The new windows had to keep the original look and feel of the original glazing, whilst making the room quieter, warmer and more secure.
 True Window and Glass Centre installed aluminium frames designed to match the original Crittall windows with double glazed energy efficient Heritage glazed units.

Starting the re-fit at Barrowby Reading Room

The old window unit is removed, area cleaned and made ready.

old window prior to removal

Interior view of an old single glazed Crittall unit prior to replacement.

Window detail showing Edgetech black spacer bar

Internal frame, powder coated, to match existing decor theme.

Heritage style glazed window

External view of a replacement aluminium Heritage window unit.

Testing new replacement before glazing

First unit in place and fitting checked.

internal view of new window

New aluminium Heritage double glazed unit in place.

external detail of aluminium window

External aluminium detail, showing warm edge spacer between glazed units.

heritage glazing installation.

Slim Heritage glazed Aluminium Windows.

Draughty, inefficient, unsecured openings…

old inefficient window

…replaced with new lockable energy efficient units.

new lockable windows

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