Conservatory Roof Replacement

Upgrade Your Lean-to Conservatory

  • Too Hot in Summer?

  • Too Cold in Winter?

  • Noisy or Leaking Water When it Rains?

  • Hard to Clean or Gathers Dirt?

  • Cracked or Damaged Roof Panels?

As Conservatory technology improves, more homeowners are starting to realise it can be both cost effective and beneficial to upgrade or repair their old conservatory. TWG offer a Conservatory roof replacement service which will improve or even change the style of your Lean-to conservatory, we can also help make your conservatory a more temperature stable room to use all year round.

Subject to an initial FREE no-obligation site survey your flat “Lean to” style roof could be changed to a modern pitched Georgian or Edwardian roof using your existing walls and base.

Because the existing windows, doors, and conservatory construction remain intact, re-roofing a conservatory is a very simple and beneficial process – can be done in little more than a few days, and is extremely affordable compared to a new conservatory. Should you choose a pitched style roof the increased internal roof height/space allows more air to circulate making a more comfortable living space in the summer months and the improved visible aesthetics can add value to your home.

A typical Before and After view :


Conservatory images copyright TWG Lincoln

Polycarbonate to Glass?
Generally speaking, polycarbonate roofed conservatories cannot safely be replaced with glass as the conservatory structure would normally be designed to support only lightweight polycarbonate, especially where the conservatory side glazing has been constructed from normal window frame units.

However, a few conservatory system manufacturers use a universal roof and window system which will accommodate double glazed units. Needless to say, this is something we would need to assess before giving a recommendation or quotation on any conservatory roof replacement – this ‘fact finding’ is something we would normally do at no charge to you the client.

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