Coloured Glass Splashbacks

A Stylish and Practical, Modern Alternative to Tiles.


* Adds a Modern stylish look


* Highly stain resistant


* Heat and impact resistant


* Easy to clean with just hot water


* More hygienic than tiles


* Light reflective surface – brightens up any room


* Can be shaped to fit any wall


* Available in a range of colours to suit your decor


ADD A TOUCH OF ‘GLASS’ WITH A KITCHEN GLASS SPLASHBACK. Modern kitchen design incorporates high gloss finishes on both work surfaces and in kitchen cupboards and now this clean bright look can be added to walls with back painted glass.  Used around the cooker or hob in order to catch fat splashes and of course around the sink area Glass Splashbacks are a modern, stylish and stunning alternative to tiles, stainless steel or granite and with an easy-to-clean surface.

At TWG we go to great lengths to make sure your glass splashback will fit perfectly first time. In most cases, especially where electrical sockets are present, we will create a template to ensure all cut-outs are situated correctly as the glass cannot be altered/trimmed once formed. A specially manufactured sealant is used to mount the glass, one which will not attack the paint ensuring your coloured glass splashback will look as new for years to come. And as always on fully fitted items we offer a FREE no obligation quote.


We also use the Ral colour system:

splashback colour samples

(please note we do not advise matching colours via a computer monitor).

TWG has a collection of colour samples on display at Westminster Road North Hykeham LN6 3QY,  please call in during our working hours and we will be more than happy to let you browse. If you are trying to colour match to your home decor we can often obtain a coloured glass sample for you.

Glass splashbacks – so easy to keep clean

The surface is smooth (although you can also have a textured finish) and will not allow mold, fungi or bacteria to take hold, unlike tiles where they can breed on the grout. Usually, all that is required is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to keep it clean. For the kitchen, around the cooker or hob area, a simple wash with warm water and some washing up liquid will remove most grease or fat splashes.

Painted Glass Splashbacks for the kitchen.

Even Your Bathroom and Living Areas …

Painted glass products need not be limited to your kitchen. All areas of your home can benefit from a modern, bright, hygienic glass splashback. Whether it be bathrooms and wet areas, around the wash basin and along the wall by the bath, around the shower unit or being used as a decorative design feature for modern living or work spaces – Coloured Glass Splashbacks offer a stunning, bright and luxurious solution.

bathrooms and kitchen splashbacks

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