St Peter’s Centre and Elim Church Loughborough

A Major refurbishment of Elim / St Peters Church Loughborough included bespoke glass doors and screens.

The refurbishment over 3 floors with glass viewing areas to enable viewing of the many original features, while honoring the history of the building, bringing a modern feel to it.

Using glass and wood to protect, help secure, make the building more heat efficient and improve the appearance making the church building a pleasant place to work and visit.

The glazed entrance nearing completion.
Glazed entrance nearing completion.
Full Height Glass at Church Entrance
Church entrance with full height glass.
shaped wood and glass screen
Glazed panel to enable viewing of stained glass window.
Glazing viewing area.
glass panel detail
St Peters church during renovation.
Balcony view point during construction.
Glass protection leaving original stone work on display.
Glass screen to protect and show architecture.
full width and height glass wall.
Glass screen and doorway through to church hall - (shown during installation)
floor to ceiling glazed screening
Bespoke glass and wood dividing wall.
The completed renovation with wood and glass in harmony.
The completed cafe and viewing areas.