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True Window and Glass have over 40 years experience installing almost every kind of uPVC Conservatory, Orangery, and Sunrooms to our customers’ homes. The most difficult choice may be choosing a style that’s right for you and your family and with that in mind please let us explain the different conservatory types and styles.

victorian style conservatory

The Victorian

Probably the most popular style of uPVC conservatory, distinguished by the traditional front elevation, comprising of 3 or 5 facets and the use of ornate detailing along the centre of the roof.  The Victorian conservatory can be adapted to suit whatever space is available whether it is a large garden or small patio area without overshadowing its surroundings.

Oak effect upvc conservatory
White upvc conservatory with dwarf wall

The Edwardian

The Edwardian or Georgian Conservatory makes the most of the available floor space with a square or rectangular footprint. Probably the most popular style that is so easy to live with, add a set of bi-folding doors or a glass roof for a conservatory to be proud of.

A Georgian style conservatory is often referred to as the ‘hipped back Edwardian’. The Georgian width is always significantly more than the projection

All glass conservatory

upvc Gable End conservatoryGable End

With front elevation windows extending to meet the roof apex and maximising the feeling of light and space the Gable End conservatory likes to make its presence known standing proud in its surroundings. A Gable-end conservatory is probably the oldest roof design and can be found in orangeries and brick built structures built during the 15th Century. A structural tie bar is an integral part of this roof design as the frames offer little lateral support. TWG also offer this style in a ‘hipped’ or sloping roof with guttering between the home and conservatory.

Conservatory interior view
Edwardian Conservatory with Bi-folding doors.

uPVC Lean-to Conservatory


Sunroom (otherwise known as Lean-to) conservatories are usually rectangular and although various pitches can be applied to the roof a Lean-to can be the ideal choice for bungalows or homes where there may be a height restriction and a conservatory fitted with a low pitch roof is required.

A Lean-to can be built with a brick wall base, upvc panels or fitted with safety glass all the way to the floor. Whilst simplicity is the key with a Lean-to conservatory versatility and adaptability are its strong points.

Lean-to conservatory with glass roof
conservatory guttering detail

Combination Conservatories

Using a combination of one or two or more different conservatory styles will give you high design flexibility. For example, a ‘P’ shaped uPVC conservatory using a combination of a Victorian and a Lean-to offers you two distinct areas, one which could be used for dining whilst the other relaxing or a children’s play area. A conservatory style that can be adapted to awkward corners or difficult locations, the combination conservatory has it covered.

upvc Fleur-de-lys


Although White is still the choice for most upvc conservatory owners TWG can offer you a conservatory finished in Cream, Mahogany, Rose Wood, Light Oak, Light Green, etc.

Textured Finishes

Complete the look of your conservatory with a wood grain effect that has the aesthetic appeal of timber but without the associated maintenance such as painting or rot proofing, our textured finishes can be supplied in most standard colours.

Glazing Options

Gone are the days when plain glass would be fitted to a conservatory, Tinted, Obscure, Self Cleaning and even energy saving glass that helps reduce your heating bills – the choice is all yours.

Polycarbonate Roofing

Modern polycarbonate conservatory roofs are glazed with 25mm high quality polycarbonate, a transparent thermoplastic, which is stable, extremely durable and lightweight, ideal for conservatories, deck and patio roofing, gazebos, awnings and walkway structures. Polycarbonate conservatory roofing is non-toxic, stain resistant, and weigh approximately six times less than comparable amounts of glass sheeting. Carports, patios, awnings; are all structures commonly made from polycarbonate.

conservatory roof internal viewGlass Roofing

Self-cleaning, manufactured with a special coating which is integral to the glass which will not flake or discolour and should last the lifetime of the glazing. The coating reacts with UV rays from natural daylight to break down organic dirt (bird droppings, tree sap, etc). Rainwater running down the glass will wash away the loosened dirt, compared to normal glass the water dries very quickly reducing unsightly streaks or marks. Whist self-cleaning glass is very effective at using the forces of nature to remove both organic and inorganic dirt, in dry periods there may still be a need for manual cleaning using either a soft cloth and warm soapy water or a garden hose to replicate the action of rain.

Safety with Strength

TWG install double glazed panels with toughened safety glass on all our glass roofed conservatories to ensure a strong and safe construction. The use of safety glass ensures should the worst happen the glass will break into small pieces similar to a car window screen.

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Lean-To with Edwardian style roof.
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