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Fine Tuning Your UPVC Conservatory

Adding character to your property is one of the very best ways to make it feel like your very own, with conservatories a modern space, customisable to your personal tastes. Perfect for lounging, spending time with the family, or converting to your very own home-office, UPVC conservatories are especially desirable. Less prone to wear and damage, UPVC doesn't rot, rust or warp like wood or metal can, making it a durable long-term option for decking out this multipurpose domestic area. Read ahead and discover the ideal ways to customise your conservatory installation.

Utilising The Space

Often spacious, and designed to add an element of freedom to your existing home, a UPVC conservatory space can become exactly what you need given the right finishing touches and thoughtful additions. A space can become everything from a family fun room, to a gym or hybrid office, all you need is a shopping list and the patience to implement your ideas. Thanks to the insulation and heat-trapping properties of a conservatory installed or maintained by True Window & Glass Centre, the possibilities are near-infinite, so you won’t have to worry that there’s going to be a chill in the air.

Benefit From UPVC

UPVC is universally recognised as a fantastic material, due to the long-lasting properties, visually-appealing exterior, and versatility when it comes to everything from window frames, to doors and various furnishings. UPVC is of benefit within a conservatory design, as it is low-maintenance yet effective, trapping air from the outside, and containing heat inside. In 2023, legally all UPVC windows and doors must be energy rated to conform with Building Regulations, so you’re assured of a tight and efficient fit. Not sure whether you’re sold on a conservatory designed with Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride? Our bespoke builds are available in choice of attractive colours and woodgrain timber effect finishes.

Accessories And Additions

Accessories and additions really create that element of homeliness, be it a large canvas image of you and your family, a bookcase, lamp to illuminate the room, or stylised furniture. You don’t need to be an interior design whizz to match up the inner-fittings of a conservatory, so we encourage anyone and everyone to experiment with materials, different tones and options. To see what our past clients and customers have done with their spaces, why not take a look through our project gallery?

Professional Installation

When it comes to conservatories, True Window & Glass Centre in Lincoln are the company to call. High-performance with quality construction guaranteed, energy efficient installation is a must, and we’re available any time, anywhere within our areas of operation. 24/7 emergency glazing and boarding-up services mean that if your existing set-up requires a repair or replacement, we’re on hand too. Looking for accredited and friendly installation experts? We’re the best in the business.

Committed to outfitting your modern space with the very best furnishings and energy-efficiency measures, True Window & Glass Centre provide a range of double-glazing services and repairs to the trade and public across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and the Midlands. Interested in working with us to utilise your conservatory or another area of your home? Simply contact us today.

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