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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Conservatory This Winter

As the new year begins, and we’re in the midst of winter, you may be avoiding your conservatory! While these kinds of home extensions can be brilliant and airy during the summer, they can tend to get a little bit chilly during the colder months. Instead of avoiding your conservatory during the winter, there are a range of improvements you can make to keep your conservatory warmer this winter! Our blog dives into some of the most effective ways you can heat up your conservatory! To find out more, keep on reading!

Why Is My Conservatory So Cold During The Winter?

No one wants to feel cold in their own home, and with the rising energy bills, putting the heating on is becoming a more serious expense. There are a range of reasons why your conservatory might be more chilly during the winter. Naturally, as the seasons change, the temperature of your home will drop, so keeping your conservatory warm becomes even harder! These are some of the reasons why your conservatory might be feeling so cool.


●     Windows - It’s no secret that heat is lost through windows and gaps around windows, so when it comes to your conservatory, unfortunately a lot of heat is lost through the windows and glass roofing. If your roof and windows are poorly insulated, you could lose as much as 80% of your conservatory heat!


●     Conservatory Position - Your conservatory position could be a factor for the cooler temperature. South-facing conservatories will receive more sunlight in the afternoon and early evening, as opposed to north-facing conservatories, which receive light in the morning. East and west facing conservatories also receive most of their sunlight during the day, making them much cooler at night.


●     Poor Insulation - Insulation is one of the best ways to keep any building or space warm, and that goes for conservatories too! You can insulate your conservatory in a range of ways including the roof, flooring, windows and more!

Keeping Your Conservatory Cosy

After investing your money into a conservatory, you want to be able to use it comfortably all year round! There are multiple ways you can keep your conservatory warm during the cooler months, helping you to make the most out of your investment.

Our tips for keeping your conservatory cosy are extremely effective, making you want to use your conservatory even in the depths of winter!

Improving Your Glazing

As we’ve already mentioned, a majority of heat loss that happens in your conservatory will be lost through windows. Depending on the age of your conservatory, it may have already been fitted with double-glazed windows, but if it’s more than 20 years old, it is likely that your conservatory has been fitted with single pane glass. This could be a big contributing factor to heat loss in your conservatory.


Investing in double-glazed windows or even triple-glazing can significantly improve the warmth in your conservatory. By upgrading your glazing, your conservatory will be much better at retaining heat, as well as stopping as much cold air from entering the space. Double or triple glazing can also be a good noise insulator, giving your conservatory an added layer of protection from the outside world.

Consider Your Flooring Options

Cold feet can put a real chill in you, and conservatories with laminate, tile or hardwood flooring will definitely channel the cold. Wooden flooring doesn’t retain much heat, and it can be a cold surface to walk on.


While it’s cheaper to simply invest in thicker socks, you want your conservatory to feel cosy and comfortable, rather than cold and empty. Exploring alternative flooring options could benefit your conservatory by keeping the heat in and the cold out!


Investing in carpet for your conservatory is one way to go about warming it up, and carpet materials have great thermal insulating properties. Carpets can be a great investment for the winter, but when summer rolls around, you might not love having a carpeted conservatory and it might get dirty easily during summer months. If you feel like carpet isn’t the choice for you, you could try a large rug during the winter! Simple conservatory insulation, such as rugs or carpet are super simple to manage and get a hold of!

Heating Ideas

If your main goal is to warm up your conservatory, investing in heating is a great option to consider, and there are a range of options to choose from:


●     Portable Electric Heaters - Portable electric heaters are a great solution if you’re looking for a quick, temporary fix. All you need to do is plug in your portable heater and let your conservatory warm up!


●     Underfloor Heating - A more expensive option, but a great solution for conservatories is underfloor heating. Not only will underfloor heating keep the room nice and toasty, your feet will be nice and warm during the winter! Underfloor heating can be installed underneath wood, tiling and even carpet!


●     Radiators - For a more permanent solution, installing radiators in your conservatory can be a good way to have a permanent heat source. If you’re looking to use your conservatory as a living space all year round, radiators can help maintain a consistent temperature in your home and conservatory!

Blinds & Curtains

Blinds and curtains are great for trapping heat and keeping it in. They are also beneficial all year round, helping the heat to stay in during the winter by adding an extra layer of protection. During the summer, blinds or curtains can help you control the temperature of your conservatory, allowing you to stop too much sunlight from coming in, and preventing the room from becoming too hot or giving off an irritating glare!


Much like carpets and rugs, you can find a range of different blinds and curtain styles to suit your home perfectly!


Many older conservatories were built entirely from glass, meaning a lot of heat was lost through the roof and glass windows. Nowadays, most conservatories are built with tiled roofs to help insulate the conservatory and make the space more energy-efficient. Conservatory insulation is a great way to maintain a steady temperature all year round.


A roof replacement can be a big investment for your conservatory, but it is a great long-term solution for maintaining the heat of your conservatory. A roof replacement can also change the appearance of your conservatory, making it look more like a summer room. By adding a tiled roof, your conservatory space will be better insulated, which helps you to maintain the temperature all year round.

Cosy Furniture & Finishing Touches

When it comes to your furniture, choosing cosy sofas and plush armchairs can act as insulators, keeping heat in the room! Don’t be afraid to add cosy cushions and throws or blankets to amp up the cosy feel. Fabrics like wool and velvet are great for keeping heat in and keeping the conservatory cosy!

Draught Proofing

While a lot of heat is lost through windows in a conservatory, heat can also escape through gaps which can let draughts into your conservatory too. Draught proofing your conservatory will be in-expensive and super simple to do. You can find a range of adhesive foam strips for sealing up gaps in your window frames, and keyhole covers can be beneficial too. Draught excluders are relatively cheap to buy, stopping draughts from coming in underneath doors and keeping the warm air inside your conservatory.

True Window & Glass Centre

If you’re considering a conservatory for your home, we are here to help! Here at True WIndow & Glass Centre, we carry out professional conservatory installation for a range of different styles which you can check out on our website.


If you already have a gorgeous conservatory in your home, but you’re looking for ways to insulate, we also offer excellent double and triple glazing services to keep your windows in tip top condition and keep your conservatory cosy.


To learn more about our services, or how we can help you, feel free to get in touch with us at True Window & Glass centre today! Our team of experts will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for!

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