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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Conservatory This Summer

With summer right around the corner, you may be wondering how to utilise your living spaces better this year. Many of us might spend a lot of time in the garden and not make the most of our conservatory installations. As the weather warms up, we’ve put together some ideas for you to really make the most of your uPVC conservatory this summer.


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Entertainment and social space

Transform your uPVC conservatory into the focal spot for summer gatherings and entertainment for family and friends alike! Add a lounge nook with a cosy atmosphere. Think beanbags, floor-seating sofas, oversized pillows, mood lights or fairy lights, thick rugs, and side tables. Install a sound system for background music, as well as either a projector or smart TV for movie/video game nights. The addition of a snack and beverage area with appliances such as a bar cart, mini fridge, air fryer, and popcorn machine is also a great option to include.

Lifestyle improvement space

“New Year, new me.” is a classic quote we have all at least once said, used mainly towards working on our physical appearance and overall health by signing up to a gym; but how about using your uPVC conservatory to tick off all the new year's resolutions you wanted to stick to this year.  Creating a home gym in your conservatory is a great way to continue your workout sessions for more than just a few months for a long-standing lifestyle change. The accessibility of a home gym can help increase motivation, so why not create your own in your conservatory?

Date night

A conservatory is the ideal place to make a cosy and romantic dining space for you and your partner. Why not set up some candles, fairy lights and ambient music before cooking your partner a delicious meal? You can completely transform your uPVC conservatory to make you feel like you are dining in Italy. Don’t forget to open up the double-glazed French doors to create the perfect al fresco experience.


Are you looking to update your conservatory installation with double-glazed French doors or do you just want to add a modern uPVC conservatory to your home? Speak to the experts at True Windows & Glass Centre today. We offer a range of conservatory installations including Edwardian, aluminium and Victorian conservatories. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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