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Aluminium Bi Fold Doors or Concertina? Choosing a Door Style

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

When it comes to choosing the right door for you, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Each type of door has its own benefits to offer and can provide you with different qualities. Today, we’ll run through the extensive options we offer here at True Window & Glass Centre so you can discover the perfect door to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Composite doors

Here at True Window & Glass Centre, our versatile and robust modern composite doors are built to last: they won’t rot, warp, or even need repainting, making them an excellent long-term investment. Our composite door installation service gives homeowners the peace of mind that comes from knowing they got a great deal on new doors.

There are limitless benefits to installing composite doors - here’s just a few:

● Composite door styles are endless. Traditional composite doors are ideal for older properties or for adding a classic twist to a more contemporary property. Traditional composite doors are perfect for homeowners looking for a higher class of front without compromising on the classic appearance of their home. Utilising the benefits of uPVC and double glazing with a more classic look makes these doors an ideal solution for many homeowners.

● Composite doors are strong and durable. With an insulating foam core and strong outer frame, the multi-layered composition of a composite door provides strength and resilience. This makes it perfect for residential use in any environment.

● Composite doors require little to no maintenance. One of the biggest draws of a composite door is that it doesn’t require time-consuming and costly maintenance to keep it in perfect condition. Contrary to traditional timber doors, composite doors are not prone to not fading, warping, or cracking and you don’t need to worry about repainting. A simple wipe down with a damp, soapy cloth will keep your door looking as good as new.

● Composite doors provide noise reduction - as well as providing superb energy efficiency, a composite door’s structure makes it the perfect choice for busy areas and main roads. Unwanted noise is reduced so you can enjoy your home in peace and quiet no matter where you live.

French doors

uPVC and double-glazed French doors allow more natural light into your rooms and offer fantastic ventilation. The way that they can cleverly connect spaces makes them perfect for patios, gardens and balconies. But this doesn't mean that they can only be used outside - double-glazed French doors are excellent at connecting living rooms and dining rooms, making them a firm favourite for families across Lincoln, Woodhall Spa and Newark.

Whether uPVC or double-glazed, French doors are an incredibly versatile window option, so whether your home is modern and contemporary, or rustic and traditional, they'll fit perfectly with the theme of your property. Characterised by the large central piece of glass, French door installation allows more light into your home, giving your living areas a larger, more airy feel.

Here’s what you can enjoy with French doors:

● Bring the outside in - French doors allow you to bring an abundance of natural light into your room. Natural light holds many benefits, including for our health. Natural light encourages the production of Vitamin D, improving our sleep, mood, and productivity. Their open glass panels can increase the amount of light you invite into your home, introducing elements of nature into your property.

● Simple functioning - French doors are incredibly easy to use. Doors leading out into the garden, or a patio can often be bulky, using sliding systems for example. French doors open traditionally, making their ease of use that much simpler. They are functional, making the accessibility between your home and garden easy – you can even open the doors and relish outdoor living in the glorious summertime.

● Durable materials - Wooden French doors are made from reliable, durable timber. This increases their longevity and decreases their susceptibility to damage! It is incredibly important to invest in French doors of a high quality, so that the structure is sound and contributes to its thermal efficiency. Ensure that your investment is worthwhile by using materials that will last, retaining their quality for a long time.

● Increase property value - Many prospective buyers will keep an eye out for French doors, especially for those made to an incredibly high quality. Increasing both the practicality of a home and its beauty and style, French doors can help attract those looking for a property, showing them why yours is the house to buy.

● Increase thermal efficiency - The quality of the timber used to make French doors will go a long way towards greater thermal efficiency in your home. When paired with the superior glazing used in the glass panels of the French doors, the wood will help to insulate your property. Due to this increase in energy efficiency, you’ll save money on your energy bills.

● Flexibility in style - Many people are mistaken when they think that French doors are limited in design. French doors offer you multiple ways that they can impact your style. You can benefit from outward or inward-opening doors, with changeable glazing units and panels available. You can adopt a clean style of one large panel or opt for visual interest by splitting the panel into six, for example.

Aluminium bi fold doors and concertina doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors are a brilliant way to tie indoor spaces together. The unique design can help you save space whilst still allowing you to have great glazing options. At True Window & Glass Centre, we install stunning aluminium door designs for domestic and commercial clients across Gainsborough, Retford, Sleaford and the surrounding areas.

Because bi-fold aluminium sliding doors, concertina doors, and aluminium French doors all collapse back on themselves, they take up virtually no space and open up your entire wall completely. If you're looking for the latest in modern minimalism, aluminium bi-folds could be your best option.

Here’s some more benefits to aluminium doors:

● Their ability to flood your home with natural light: not only can this increase the sense of space in your home, but an increase in exposure to natural light has been proven to have a positive effect on wellbeing

● Bifold doors create a seamless visual and physical link to the outdoors: in the summer months, you’ll even be able to create the sense of an indoor/outdoor space which is a huge part of their appeal

● You can choose a style and configuration to suit your home: bifold doors can be designed to suit the aesthetic of your home

● In the case of aluminium bifold doors, they require little maintenance. Timber bifold doors may require more to keep them in top shape.

● An increased sense of space is made possible by the seamless link bifold doors provide between inside and out

● Large panes of glass possible

● Level thresholds an option

● An access door can be incorporated into the configuration.

uPVC patio doors

These doors let in more light, more fresh air and open up your home. Installing patio doors gives you access right out into your garden, making them perfect for people who want to sit outside this summer.

Available in a range of sleek frames and glazing options, our customisable patio doors can help you enjoy your outside space, even when the weather's not the best.

Benefits of our patio doors include:

● Letting more natural light into your home

● One of the most cost effective home renovation

● Great for ventilation

● Available in a range of options, including multi-point locking and enhanced security glazing

Here at True Window & Glass Centre in Lincoln, we've got everything from bi folds to composites and more. Get in touch to find out more about our quality glazing services and amazing door deals.

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