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Common Aluminium Window Frame Repairs You Should Know About

Aluminium windows and door frames are popular in contemporary architecture due to their sleek forms, durability, and corrosion resistance. Whether you are considering installing aluminium door frames or think you need aluminium window repairs, this guide will help explain everything you need to know.


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Modern aluminium windows

Modern aluminium windows are distinguished by their wide glass panes and thin profiles which allow for more natural light while maintaining a contemporary appearance. Their durability and architectural versatility make them a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Modern aluminium windows can be tailored to suit a variety of architectural styles and are frequently available with energy-efficient glazing options.


Although aluminium is a durable material, it may require maintenance or repairs from time to time.

The following are common aluminium window repairs to be aware of.

Broken or cracked glass

This can be caused by impact or stress on the realignment of windows, which can become misaligned owing to settling or other circumstances, impairing their capacity to open and close properly.

Loose or damaged hardware

General wear and use can cause hardware to loosen, crack, or fail over time, so replacing handles and hinges may be beneficial.

Frame or seal deterioration

Aluminium window repairs can address any frame or seal difficulties; aluminium frames can get dented, bent, or otherwise damaged as a result of collisions or strains. The frame seals around aluminium windows might erode, resulting in water leaks or drafts. These regular occurrences should be addressed to maintain the window's thermal efficiency and weather resistance.

Corrosion or oxidation

Aluminium is rust-resistant, although it can still corrode or oxidise over time, particularly in coastal environments. Repainting or repairing the finish may be necessary to counteract potential corrosion while retaining the material's clean appearance. These treatments not only extend the life of your modern aluminium windows but also improve their performance and aesthetics.

Modern aluminium window frames are good choices for contemporary designs since they are both durable and visually beautiful. They may last longer and continue to appear and work properly with regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Although aluminium window frames are strong and long-lasting, they may need repairs over time due to wear and tear, impact damage, or environmental causes. Here are some repairs to look into.

If the repairs appear too complicated or are badly damaged, it is best to seek professional help. A competent window repair professional can perform more difficult repairs and guarantee that the windows and doors are restored to optimum functioning conditions while preserving safety and energy efficiency. Call True Windows & Glass Centre today to discuss your aluminium door and window frame repairs.

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