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Do Your Windows Need a Double Glazing Replacement?

Windows are a key feature of all homes, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of natural light, fresh air and even warmth from the sun. And yet they are taken for granted, because if you were to have no windows, we guarantee you certainly would miss them.

Of course, whilst they shouldn’t be taken for granted, that’s not to say that you don’t still want them to work as efficiently as they should. Windows perform a function, afterall, and if they’re not performing as they should be then it’s time to consider an upgrade. In a time where double glazing and uPVC windows and doors are the norm, you want to ensure that your windows are up to scratch and functioning as efficiently as they should be.

Read on below as we list the signs that you need a double glazing replacement for your windows.

Signs That You Need a uPVC Glass Replacement

Fading Furniture

If you’ve been looking at your furniture or your carpet and have been thinking that they look like they’re fading, then chances are that they probably are. This could be due to your windows letting in UV rays. Look at the areas in your home that are usually exposed to the sun when it shines inside - focus on your furniture, carpet, wallpaper and any artwork or photos; if they appear to be faded or discoloured, especially compared to areas that aren’t exposed to the sunlight, then your windows are likely the culprit.

This suggests that you either don’t have double glazed windows, or that they don’t have the same UV protection that most modern windows should have. On average, the typical lifespan of double glazed windows is around 20 years, so if your windows are older than this and you’re noticing things start to fade inside your home, then it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Issues with Opening and Closing Windows

Are your windows stiff or difficult to open and close? Depending on the type of frame they’re in, this could be due to a number of reasons. It could be that they've become warped, have started rust or have even started to rot if you have wooden frames.

Not only is this both an annoyance and persistent inconvenience, but faulty windows can also pose a health and safety hazard. Firstly, if your windows don’t shut properly, then they don’t offer you the same security, making it easier for burglars to break into your home - if this were to happen it could also potentially affect how much you would be able to claim on your insurance, also, since it’s your responsibility to ensure that your windows are in proper working order.

If your windows aren’t shutting as they should, then this could also let more dust, allergens and toxins into your home. This could increase your family’s chances of catching a cold or suffering from allergies or asthma.

Likewise, it’s just as bad if your windows don’t open properly, either. If you can’t open your windows, then you won’t be getting enough air flowing throughout your home. Fresh air is needed throughout your home in order to dilute indoor pollutants (such as odours, dust and moisture) and provide good air quality. Having an air flow throughout your home is also important for ventilation purposes - if you don’t get enough ventilation in your home each day then moisture can build up, which can lead to damp and, in the worst cases, mould.

Which leads us nicely onto our next point.

Mould and Damp

Are you experiencing regular condensation building up on the inside of your windows? If so, this could suggest a ventilation issue. Though this shouldn’t pose as a big problem if sorted straight away, if left unchecked this could lead to an issue with damp and mould.

There are a number of issues unrelated to your windows that may cause this. For example, if you dry clothes indoors, don’t open your windows regularly enough or have inadequate heating. However, if none of these are the case, then it may be that the seals on your double glazing are broken.

If mould does develop around the windows, then this can pose a health hazard to you and your family. Once mould spores become airborne, they then can cause a number of respiratory problems - especially for allergy or asthma sufferers. Furthermore, even if you get rid of the mould once, chances are it will keep coming back if you don’t fix the causative issue.

Rather than wasting money to keep getting rid of mould time after time, it’s much more cost-effective and beneficial for you to fix your faulty windows, which should stop the mould from developing.


You may find it normal to experience a draught hitting your neck when you’re sitting watching the telly… but you shouldn’t. If your windows are letting in cold air, then they’re not performing as efficiently as they should be.

Just as they’re letting the cold air in, this also means that they’ll likely be letting any warm air out, which (in the winter months especially) could see your heating bills increase due to the inefficient insulation from your windows. Rather than having to choose between the discomfort of being cold or having to pay more to heat your home, the most effective option is to fix your windows.

Draughty windows are commonly caused by gaps in your window frame or broken window seals, which will need to be fixed. Similarly, should you have single pane windows, then it is definitely worth upgrading to double glazing, which are much better insulators and work more efficiently to keep the cold air out of your home and the warm air in.

Misted Windows

Just as you don’t want to see condensation on the inside of your windows, even more so you don’t want to see condensation in between your double glazing panes. This is known as misted double glazing and is a key indicator that your double glazing has failed, which means that the seals on your double glazing have broken down.

This signifies that moisture is able to make its way into your windows - and if moisture is able to get in, then so, too, is cold air (and warm air is able to get out!). This damages the energy efficiency of your double glazing, which can again cause your energy consumption, and subsequently bills, to rise.

Misted windows undoubtedly mean that your double glazing is compromised, thus misty window repairs are urgently needed.

Reliable Misted Double Glazing Repairs

As you can see, issues with your windows can have a knock on effect, leading to numerous additional problems. By ensuring that you have modern and reliable double glazing in place, you will be improving the safety, security and energy efficiency of your home thanks to its strength and insulating properties.

If you’re looking for reliable double glazing repairs and replacements in Lincoln and the surrounding area, then you need True Window & Glass Centre. We pride ourselves on offering you the best service possible at an affordable price. Do you have misty windows? We can easily replace the glass or fit a new sealed unit - there’s no need to replace the frame or fit a whole new window unit!

Sometimes, a replacement is the only way forward. If this is the case for you, then you can rest assured that with our team’s 40 plus years of experience we can carry out double glazing replacements quickly and efficiently. We also offer double glazing emergency repairs - simply call our out of hours mobile number and we’ll be there as quickly as possible.

Windows aren’t our only speciality - we also provide a range of doors, conservatories, commercial glazing services and can even help you add a glazed porch to your property. No matter your glazing needs, we’re the specialists to call.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, have a query regarding your double glazing or would like to obtain your free quote, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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