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How Double Glazing Can Reduce Costs for Your Company

Installing commercial double glazing is standard practice for establishments like offices, schools, and retail stores due to the enhanced safety, security and energy efficiency. This includes doors, windows, and partitions with double glazing for your building. If you are considering a double-glazing service, but you’re still on the fence about the potential financial savings, keep reading to learn the advantages of commercial double-glazing, along with the financial savings it can provide your company.

Enhanced security and safety

Since a double-glazed window and door are harder to break than standard single-glazed units, double-glazing adds an extra degree of safety for you, your employees, your clients, and your company. This keeps vandalism and break-ins at bay, saving you money on repairs and replacements which is a critical resource for buildings where security is important. This allows you to avoid unwanted closures and downtime due to repairs which can have a significant negative financial impact on your company.

Control of condensation and mould

Double glazing has insulating qualities that significantly lessen condensation on windows and surfaces, avoiding the growth of mould, which can harm building materials and potentially endanger the lives of your company's employees and clients. Mould and dampness can lead to the need for expensive repairs, but by installing double glazing you significantly decrease the chances of dampness.

Efficiency in energy use

Installing double glazing can reduce your property's energy expenses for heating and cooling, but how? Double glazing offers superior insulation as it consists of two glass panes separated by a small area that is either filled with air or a still gas, like argon. This insulating feature helps to keep the temperature cooler in the summer and lessens heat loss in the winter - saving you money on energy bills

Noise Reduction

A calmer work environment can increase employee productivity and turnaround time. It can also benefit teachers and students in buildings like schools by reducing the impact of outside noise disruptions caused by your property's proximity to traffic, other businesses, or busy city areas. Double glazing installation can also improve consumers' experiences in establishments like hotels and retail by creating a tranquil and cosy atmosphere.


Is double glazing for commercial use necessary for your current or future property? Give True Window & Glass Centre professionals a call today. Our staff will be pleased to discuss our double-glazing services with you. Visit our website to learn more.


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