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Inventive Seasonal Designs for A Conservatory Installation

As conservatories steadily become more common for new-build homes, making your own feel unique can feel difficult. Luckily, we have provided some inventive ideas of how to transform your conservatory depending on different seasons. These can be changed throughout the year, or kept to your favourite season, to offer a sanctuary all year round.

Read on for our suggestions, as well as how our team at True Windows & Glass Centre can offer you the perfect conservatory, no matter the time of the year.

Spring Showers

While spring might bring lambs and chicks, it also brings a lot of rain in the UK. It can feel disheartening to finally come out of the winter season, only to be greeted with more wet weather. We know the feeling, which is why we have created a list of suggestions for you to get the most out of your conservatory, even on the wettest of days.


Spring is one of the best seasons for flowers in bloom, which is a great way of incorporating colour into your conservatory. Try growing tulips, as well as daffodils, which can be dotted around your window sills for a warm and bright feel. You can also try hanging flower bouquets from the roof of your conservatory, particularly if you have pets that love to knock items over when in reach. 

Similarly, wreaths are not just for the winter months. Try hand-making a spring wreath to decorate your conservatory with during the spring months. This can be a great activity to do with your little ones over breaks from school too. 

Bird Feeders

You don’t need to miss out on the baby chicks in wet weather. There has been an advance in bird feeding solutions, where feeders with silicone suction pads have become available. This is great for viewing birds, particularly if you have curious little ones. Specific feeders are entirely translucent, allowing the best view of a bird possible. This may even encourage regular visitors, such as friendly robins, who end up becoming honorary family members.


You can incorporate bunting into your home for a rustic and homey feel. This works especially well with wooden-style conservatories, Bunting hung in a conservatory allows you to obtain a cottage aesthetic, without space limitations. Hand-making bunting can be even more special, and an easy task to do with little ones, resulting in a keepsake that looks great in your home.


For a more permanent design, try opting for a bright colour when organising your conservatory installation. Greens and yellows work especially well for creating a spring environment and seamlessly work with any type of plant or flower. In some conservatories, you can also try wallpaper borders, which give a designer flair to your space. This creates a unique space, tailored to your specific tastes and needs. 

Summer Sun-Spot

Sunburn and melted ice cream aside, summer can be wonderful when spent at home. Conservatories can be great solutions, allowing you to keep your fans close while enjoying the extended sunlight.  Read on for some fun ideas to create the perfect sun-soaking spot during the warmer months. 

Flora, No Fauna

Growing your own garden can be a rewarding experience. Outdoor plants, however, are sometimes more bothersome than they are worth. There is nothing worse than your flowers blooming, only to be eaten by the local slugs. Poisons and deterrents can be harmful to your plants, while also being known as a risk to household pets. Instead, growing flowers inside a conservatory can be a great option.

Bar Cart

A decadent addition to your home, bar carts can be used in your conservatory too. Nothing feels quite as summery as a cocktail bar does, so creating one at home is a great way to keep the joy going. While fantastic all year round, bar carts are brilliant in the summer months for making your cocktails while enjoying the summer sun. 


Orangeries lend themselves fantastically to a summery conservatory. Originating in Italy, these conservatories were used to grow orange trees, even in the colder months. They are usually bright and airy, beautiful when decorated with plants. Organise an installation with aluminium french doors to allow for an open connection from your conservatory to your outdoor space.

Autumn Breezes

During this gusty season, making the most of your space after a conservatory installation need not be difficult. Whatever you use your space for, we have included some design tips to help you create your unique space.

Decorative Pumpkins

These gourds populate the autumn months, so why not incorporate them into your conservatory? Pumpkins come in a variety of colours, sizes and patterns, so work wonderfully with any room. Should you choose to dine in your conservatory, they make wonderful centrepieces, particularly when paired with candles.

Reading Nook

For a particularly cosy feel, craft a reading nook in your conservatory. Large armchairs work great in these spaces, and allow for adequate stretching when getting comfortable and settled to read a book. This is especially good for claustrophobic bibliophiles, as large conservatory windows give the impression that the room is much bigger than it is.

Creative Lighting

Before the clocks go back, thinking about creative solutions for lighting up your conservatory can stave off the cold weather blues. We would suggest delicate lighting solutions, with warm undertones, such as fairy lamps or antique lamps. These can brighten up your conservatory while resisting the sterile feeling lighting can bring.

Blanket Basket

As the colder months begin to settle in, the need for blankets grows. For a decorative but accessible way of storing your blankets, try a blanket basket. This could be a repurposed laundry basket, a large wicker basket, or even an ottoman for a bonus leg rest. 

The Winter Den

The season many of us have a love-hate relationship with is winter. While the cold rages outside, nothing feels quite as cosy as creating a warm space inside. It can feel tempting to abandon your conservatory during these months, which can be a mistake. Conservatories make great wintery dens, perfect for enjoying the cold weather comfortably. 

Blanket Forts

Keeping kids entertained indoors is never the easiest task. Bringing back those autumn blankets, try creating a blanket fort with your little ones in your conservatory. These can be fantastic for giving your children a creative outlet and giving you a fun bonding activity. Don’t forget - adults can do this too! A bottle of wine will always pair wonderfully with a makeshift fort.

Hot Chocolate Station

The wintery booze-free alternative to the bar cart, a hot chocolate station can be made in your conservatory to create a space that is very much your own. This need not be complicated either, as it is easily created with simple home staples. Use glass mason jars for the hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, candy canes, and whatever else you might like in a hot chocolate. A simple table can be repurposed from elsewhere in your home for the occasion, as well as incorporating a small chalkboard sign to advertise the station to your loved ones and visitors.

Outdoor Decorations

Our gardens can often feel like a wasted space when it comes to winter. Thankfully, they can still be used without having to worry about venturing out into the cold. Try decorating outside of your conservatory with lights and seasonal decorations, to create a cosy atmosphere. The snow that can be viewed outside of your conservatory can further be a fantastic cure for those winter blues.

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