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Organising Double Glazing Repairs During The Winter

The Winter is a great time to organise repairs and installations for your home, filling in those cracks and rectifying those issues which have long been a thorn in your side. Especially significant during periods of cold, double glazing issues can lead to increased energy costs, a chilly interior, or even worse, potentially costly damage to other components. Maintenance is quick and easy when you decide to work with the correct local contractors, so consult this extensive guide from True Window & Glass Centre for all you need to know, and more!

Importance Of Double Glazing

For those unaware, double glazing is a form of window insulation, which varies from the conventional single glazing windows of old. A double glazed window consists of two panes of glass, in which an insulated glass unit sits in a frame of timber, aluminium, or uPVC. Consisting of two glass sheets, separated by a spacer bar, this forms an air gap, which is filled with an insulating gas. Ultimately, this is far, far more effective than the traditional window concerning heat dissipation, rendering your home a much warmer place for yourself and your family as a result.

Seasonal Problems

Understandably, the Winter can cause numerous problems in a domestic sense, with energy bills notoriously high during this period, in part due to the extreme cold. Your energy bills could be much higher than expected, and when tracing the root of this issue, it may be worth looking towards your windows. Straight away, if your property doesn’t utilise double glazing, rooms will quickly fill with cold air should there be a chill outside. On the other hand, if you do already have double glazing within the home, these reinforced windows may not have been maintained for some time - meaning that repairs may be a necessity to get the most out of them.

Repair Needs

Generally speaking, the most noteworthy components of windows to look at when identifying repair needs are the hinges, locking mechanisms, handles, sealing and gaskets, though you may require a professional to cast their eye over these to see the bigger picture. Draughts and leaks are bound to follow should you notice any of these issues, so the importance of seeking repairs immediately is paramount. As a rule of thumb, at True Window & Glass Centre, we don't replace, we repair. Contact us between 7.30 to 16.30 Monday to Friday, and we won't even charge for the window repair callout, so that magical Winter period need not be ruined by a chilly interior.

Competent Specialists

Unsure whether your circumstances merit a call-out? We can look at locks, fix frames and repair panes, so that your windows only let in light and fresh air again. Even in the event we can’t fix them then and there, such as a break in or burglary, we still offer a full boarding up service to give you peace of mind. Our service offering even includes:

● Replacement units

● General and specialist repair work

● Casement window repair

● Tilt and turn window repair

● UPVC windows repair

● Aluminium window repair

Shopping around for double glazing insulation or double glazing replacements? You’re in the right place.

At True Window & Glass Centre, we pride ourselves on combining a leading professional service with leading brands and elite cutting edge products. Modern and committed to clients, we’re accredited and certified in the double glazing industry, operating out of our HQ in Lincoln. Covering Lincoln, Gainsborough, Newark, Grantham, Sleaford and surrounding areas, simply get in touch if you like the look of our service offering, and require a helping hand.

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