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Sustainable Styles: Eco-Friendly Solutions For Greener Homes

In today's work, sustainable living calls more than ever. Homeowners, designers and property developers are looking to incorporate more sustainable living where they can. Reevaluating choices when it comes to home improvements can help you move towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle, as well as improving the efficiency of our homes. You don't need to make drastic changes to your home in order to make better efficiency and sustainability choices. With a focus on sustainable glass and door choices, our blog is here to explore the ways in which you can make minor home improvements that benefit the environment as well as your house. 

To find out more about how double glazing, recycled glass and bi-folding doors can help to elevate your space, keep on reading our blog! 

Sustainable Homes: Why Choose Eco-Friendly Solutions?


With eco-conscious housing on the rise, you may be wondering, why is it so important? Aside from being better for the environment, making eco-conscious choices has a range of other benefits too. Read below to learn more.

  • Environmental Awareness - It’s no secret that making more eco-friendly choices benefits the environment. From recycling to reduced carbon footprints, minimising our impact on the planet is a growing concern amongst many home-owners. 

  • Government Incentives - Government initiatives around the world can often incentivise people to make more sustainable decisions. From eco-friendly upgrades to tax exemptions, by offering these incentives, more people are inclined to make better environmental decisions. 

  • Long-term Savings - While some installations can have a hefty upfront cost, in the long run, these investments can help you save a lot of money! Energy efficient upgrades and high-efficiency appliances can help you save on utility bills over time. 

  • Market Demand - With a growing importance in the eco-world, sustainably developed properties are becoming increasingly more popular amongst buyers too. With such a high demand for properties that have a green certification, homeowners and developers are starting to make eco-conscious improvements before they sell. 

  • Property Value - Making minor adjustments to your property, such as double glazing, bi-folding doors or using aluminium window frames can drive up your property value more than you realise. If you’re thinking about selling your home at some point in the future, making home improvement investments can go a long way when the time comes to sell!

Sustainable Glass Choices

Glass and glazing are another major area where you can make more energy efficient choices. Making improvements to our windows could be the future of sustainable building! Read below to learn more. 

Double Glazing 

Older homes will tend to have single glazed windows, which can make homes feel colder, as they are not as well insulated. Double glazing is a great way to insulate your home, and minimise the heat loss that occurs through your windows. Double glazing is a minor home improvement that can help you save on your bills, reduce noise and create a more comfortable living space! 

Smart Glass

Smart glass is an exciting revelation in the window world. On a hot summer's day, your glass will dim itself to block out heat, and on gloomy afternoons it will let in all the available natural light. This smart technology allows you to get the most out of your windows, and keep your home properly insulated all year round. It adapts to our needs, as well as the environment, which may help homes reduce their reliance on air conditioning and heating systems. 

Photovoltaic Glass

Photovoltaic glass is a type of glass that also does more than just let in light. These glass panels actually turn light into electricity. They harness the sun’s power, turning it into a green energy source (kind of like a solar panel) which can then be used to help power your home! This type of glass can be very effective for cutting down electricity bills, carbon footprints and reliance on national grid electricity suppliers. 

You could install it as a skylight for your kitchen or a glass door for your garden, helping to regulate the temperature of your home while remaining sustainable. 

Recycled Glass 

Glass is one of the most recyclable materials we have access to. Glass has a clear, elegant appearance and can be recycled and transformed into windows, doors, bottles, cups and more! By buying and using recycled glass for your new home improvements, you can help contribute to a sustainable cycle that reduces both waste and energy. It reduced the need for natural material extraction, leaving a more positive mark on the planet!

Many manufacturers are now using and promoting clean, recycled glass that is durable and of a high quality. 

Window Frame Materials

When selecting window frames, you want to consider the environmental impacts of different materials as well as the way these materials will contribute to your home’s efficiency. There are a range of materials out there, each with different properties, and contributing to a different aesthetic for your home. Read below to learn more about some of the most popular choices for window frames. 


Wood is a common window frame material, which gives a warm and natural aesthetic for your home. Aside from their natural look, wooden window frames are also a renewable source, especially wood that has been sourced from sustainably managed forests. Wood that has an FSC certification will ensure that you are contributing to healthy forestry practices. The natural insulating properties of wood allow it to sequester carbon, making it an optimum choice for many homeowners. 


Aluminium frames are another eco-friendly choice for homes. Not only are they great for windows, but also bi-folding doors. This material offers a durable and low-maintenance style which looks chic all year round. Aluminium is extremely recyclable too, being melted down and reused with minimal energy wastage. It has a low environmental impact and is a smart choice for modern, sustainable homes.


uPVC frames are another popular choice when people are improving their homes. uPVC materials are able to be recycled too, going through several life cycles without degrading. uPVC does have some environmental implications because of its petroleum based origins, but you can prioritise high-quality, recyclable uPVC to minimise your harm to the environment. 

Bi-Folding Doors: Sustainable Space Solutions

Aside from windows, your doors are another great way to make your home more efficient while remaining eco-friendly. Read below to learn how! 

  • Space Optimisation - Bi-Folding doors allow you to really maximise the space in your home without having to damage your external environment. You can open up your home without a total renovation! 

  • Natural Light & Ventilation - The increased natural light and ventilation that come with bi-folding doors can help to reduce a home’s reliance on HVAC systems, and keep your home’s temperature more regulated. 

  • Energy Efficiency - With thermal insulation and advanced weather sealing, bi-folding doors can help to regulate temperature in both winter and summer keeping a stable temperature all year round! 

  • Durable - The durability of these doors helps to withstand the elements, leaving them stable and intact for years to come. Over time, this investment can help you save money and reap the benefits for a long time to come. 

True Window & Glass Centre: From Double Glazing To uPVC Glass Replacement 

With so many ways to transform your home into a more eco-efficient space, it can be tricky finding the right solution for you. Whether you prefer the rustic look of wooden frames, or the chic modern appearance of aluminium bi-folding doors, there are a range of ways you can improve your home's efficiency and aesthetics while being environmentally conscious. 

Here at True Window & Glass Centre, we offer a range of high quality solutions for your home. From double glazing and aluminium doors to uPVC glass replacements and brand new conservatories, we have it all! No matter what kind of home improvements you're looking for, our team is here to help you achieve the home of your dreams. From minor improvements to complete installations, our team of experts are equipped to carry out a seamless installation no matter how big or small. 

To learn more about our services, or see examples of our work, feel free to check out our website! Alternatively, you can contact our team today for more information or to book your repair or installation today!  

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