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The Benefits of Aluminium Doors at Your Commercial Property

Aluminium doors have become increasingly popular over recent years and for good reason. There are a multitude of benefits to businesses and commercial properties for choosing to have aluminium doors installed, and it is described as the go-to material of the future due to its hoard of advantages. Keep reading to find out why you should consider getting aluminium doors installed on your commercial building.

Commercial Vs. Residential Doors

Commercial doors are made for a large amount of traffic, like shops, offices and entrance doors to business buildings. Even doors in schools come under commercial doors. These are all examples of settings where doors are being used frequently, multiple times a day, a lot. They need to be strong, easy to use for everyone, and safe, so that they can protect valuables and information within the building.

Because of this, the design of a commercial door will be different to that of a residential or domestic property.

Commercial doors are designed for hardware and function, whereas residential doors can often be designed for aesthetics, as they aren’t being used so frequently and by so many people. With that being said, one thing that both door types will have in common is security. Both commercial and residential doors will prioritise security and safety.

Advantages of Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are extremely popular, for their range of benefits:

Energy Efficient

Aluminium doors are highly effective when it comes to heat transmission and conserving thermal energy. Because aluminium is a natural insulator, it will keep warm air within a building. This is especially useful for commercial properties, as warm air is kept in and cold air is kept out, drastically improving the building’s energy efficiency.

Environmental Factors

Much like the aluminium cans you might recycle at home, aluminium doors are also 100% recyclable, making it much more environmentally friendly than other metal options. Repurposing aluminium only uses up 5% of the energy that would be used in the initial production process, making it much more environmentally friendly than a lot of other metal products. Aluminium can be re-melted and repurposed without the quality of the metal ever being affected.

Weather Resistant

You will want to invest in a door that is durable, even in the harshest, most extreme weather conditions. Aluminium is renowned for being rust and corrosion proof, making it a perfect material for water resistance.

You can have your aluminium door further protected with a range of coatings that are designed to make it even more resistant to harsh weather conditions. These coatings can come in a range of finishes and colours to suit the look of your property, while still provisioning protection.


Aluminium is versatile for your custom design options. Because aluminium can be melted down over and over, without a loss in quality, it can be moulded and shaped into your specific requirements, so you can create a door that is visually pleasing for you.

Aluminium can also be used for windows, doors and curtain walling. Its strength and durability allows it to support the weight of panes of glass.


We understand that many commercial buildings will have valuable and expensive equipment inside, making security an extremely important factor when choosing a door for your property. Aluminium has a reputation for strong, maximum protection. Its low density and high specific strength make it an ideal choice for lightweight, yet strong front doors.

When you have aluminium doors installed by a professional team, you can rest assured that they will install your door with extreme levels of safety and meet all security standards to a high level.

If security is still a big concern for you, and you want to be extra cautious, you can always purchase an extra lock that can be fitted to your door for that extra layer of protection.

What About Other Types Of Doors?

Aluminium isn’t the only material that is used for commercial doors. There are a range of different materials that are commonly used.

uPVC Windows & Doors

uPVC is a common material used for both windows and doors, however, they can be prone to discolouration and breakable over the course of time, meaning they will eventually need to be replaced.

While they are relatively safe in domestic settings, for commercial properties, they may not provide the safety that steel or aluminium doors do. If aesthetics are important to you, uPVC doors can appear generic and they lack uniqueness.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are frequently used for commercial properties, as they are durable and owners of buildings can find a range of finishes and designs for their steel doors.

They provide a high level of security too, and are usually installed in areas that need protection from unauthorised people.

Aluminium Glass Doors & Windows

These are a sophisticated door style, with the strength of the aluminium holding the glass door, it is a sleek design for a commercial property. They are secure, strong and easy to maintain & clean.

For windows, aluminium is also a good material to keep your glass panes secure. Because aluminium is flexible and can be completed in any finish you like, you can fabricate it to look however you want.

Full Glass Doors

You can remove the aluminium from your doors and go for the full glass look. This is a door that is heavily used in offices and creates a clean look for any office.

These doors are easy to clean and maintain, however, glass may not provide the level of privacy and security you want for your commercial site.

Choosing The Right Door For Your Property

When it comes to choosing the right commercial door, there are a few things to consider so that you get it right:

● Construction Material - As mentioned, there are a range of materials that can be used for your door! So, determining which material you want to use is a good place to start. Standard materials like steel do have good qualities, however, you should consider aluminium as a strong and stable option for your door. Its range of functional benefits and minimal harm to the environment makes it a robust and safe choice.

● Your Establishment - The type of building you work in, and what kind of property your commercial building is will have an effect on the door that you choose. A warehouse door, for example, you might want to be more solid and robust. Whereas, an office building may require something with a more aesthetic appeal.

● Safety - Your commercial building will require fire resistant doors. This doesn’t have to mean that you invest in steel doors only, but you should consider fire safety options during your door picking process.

Additionally, having a door that is difficult to get into or break down will benefit you regarding security. Preventing people from breaking into your building is something you need to consider.

● Aesthetics - While functionality is of high importance, your commercial doors will be the first thing someone sees when it comes to your business. Making a good impression and choosing functional doors that are also aesthetic can help you maintain a particular image regarding your business, school or office.

Still Feeling Unsure?

If you’re still feeling unsure about your decision, speaking to a professional can help you get some expert advice.

True Window & Glass Centre

Here at the True Window & Glass Centre, we specialise in a range of services for your property. From glass French doors to conservatories, we offer a variety of installation services and products. Our experienced team of specialists are dedicated to giving you an excellent standard of service from the very beginning of your installation process.

So, whether it’s double glazing installation or an aluminium door you're looking for, we are here to help you find the perfect addition to your property. For further enquiries about what we can do, or questions about any of our products, feel free to contact us today and speak to one of our team. We provide services to both domestic and commercial properties and we are committed to helping you find the right enhancement for your building.

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