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Three Alternative Uses for Your Unused Conservatory

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Being a highly sought after feature by many, conservatories are a popular addition to many homes and may even add to their overall value - if well-kept, of course. It could be that when you bought your own home it came with a conservatory, or perhaps you added one on yourself. Either way, there’s every chance that you aren’t making the most out of it.

Conservatories are often overlooked by many, with people unsure exactly what they should do with the space. If this sounds like you, then read on below as we list three alternative ways you can use your conservatory, so you can enjoy the most it has to offer at all times of the year.

1. Study Room/Home Office

Whether you have children who need to study for their exams or you work from home yourself, the conservatory is the perfect place to create a study room or home office. The abundance of natural light is great for mood and productivity, helping you to focus as well as even improving your natural sleep pattern and reducing stress levels.

Furthermore, though it’s connected to the rest of your house, it’s out of the way enough from all the communal areas that you have a designated space where you can work without being distracted by others in the home. It also means you don’t have to work in your bedroom, which is recommended so that you don’t associate the stress and focus of working or studying with your space for relaxation.

2. Extended Kitchen-Diner

If you feel like you haven’t got as much space in your kitchen to move around and cook, or that your dining table is taking up valuable space which could be utilised more productively, then extending your kitchen and dining area into the conservatory is a great solution.

This gives you the opportunity to have more workspace and storage, be it through an extended worktop or even the addition of a kitchen island, whilst also having room for a spacious dining table that gives the illusion of a separate, more breathable eating space.

Of course, in the winter conservatories may feel colder than they are in the summer, but thankfully this can be tackled with appropriate conservatory insulation - which will help to keep it at an ambient temperature all year round.

3. Entertainment Room

It could be that you already have all the rooms you need in your home and can’t think of what else your conservatory could serve to act as on top of this, in which case you could really use it for anything that you want - even if you don’t need it, per se.

If you’re stuck for ideas, then an entertainment room is always a popular option. You could use it at a cosy cinema room, a fun games room or even a sophisticated lounge area with a bar - the options are endless!

Whether you’ve been inspired to build a conservatory from scratch or repurpose your existing conservatory, True Window & Glass Centre is here to help. From conservatory installations to double glazing replacements, we’ve got the solutions to help you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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