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What Ensures Effective Energy Efficient Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a fantastic addition to any home, offering varied benefits for whoever invests in this contemporary invention. Though you may incorrectly assume that double glazing installation is likely to be costly, this practical acquisition doesn’t need to be a pricey purchase - and you’ll often even make back your money on energy cost savings. Remaining in line with the modern need to remain sustainable and financially frugal, commercial or domestic installation in 2023 is a fantastic idea, especially when you work with True Window & Glass Centre Ltd. Read ahead, and let us guide you through the best ways to finetune your double glazing installation.

The Importance Of Energy Efficiency

Utilising modern advancements and various technology, energy efficiency measures can help to prevent or reduce energy waste, so individuals can carry out everyday tasks (using the lights, driving, or washing clothes for example), while using less environmentally harmful energy. Ultimately, the overall objective of energy efficiency measures is using such energy more wisely, as outright stopping our use of fuel or electricity in everyday life would of course be impractical. Boosting energy efficiency benefits the environment by requiring you to consume less energy to complete specific tasks.

Rather shockingly, buildings account for 36% of all CO2 emissions and 40% of all energy use in the European Union, though these emissions can be decreased by boosting the efficiency of existing residential services and equipment that uses fossil fuels. Making homes more comfortable, the supply more secure, and energy more accessible are additional advantages. Due to the fact that draughts are prevented and less heat is lost during the winter, a structure equipped with double glazing as an energy efficiency measure will generally have a warmer interior, while the extra layer of glass reduces heat exposure from the sun during the hot summer months.

Glazing Services In A Nutshell

In order to prevent heat transfer between two different temperature zones (the interior and the exterior), double glazing creates a handy air gap. Structurally, two panes of glass are sealed together and spaced apart by a bar, and because there is little room for air to move, convection is slowed, halting the heat transfer. The space between the panes is typically around 6 to 20mm, thick enough to slow down thermal conduction, and lower heat loss. As a result of air being unable to pass through the tiny spaces between the two panes, your home will be cooler in the Summer and warmer during Winter.

Considering how well-insulated glass is by itself, adding a second pane significantly reduces heat loss, not only insulating your home from outside noises as an added bonus, but also preventing condensation. Browse options from True Window & Glass Centre today to request a quote for our energy-efficient double glazing - so you can heat your home more affordably.

A Job Well Done

When deciding on a company to work with in 2023 for your double glazed windows, you’ll want to ensure they’re the real deal before making any commitments. Depending on where you’re located, there may be a number of options to consult, though with the following important elements accounted for, you’ll be well-placed to choose a worthwhile provider:


In an ideal world, your local double glazing company will have been in operation for a prolonged period of time, indicating that the business will have a good level of experience and insider knowledge. A company with a long history in the industry is likely to have developed a strong reputation among customers as well. Reading customer reviews and testimonials is a great idea if you want an additional perspective.


It's important to keep in mind that your home's doors and windows are very important for security as well as energy efficiency, therefore you should confirm that the company's installations adhere to strict security requirements - established by the British Standards Institute. Verify any accreditations with supporting documentation if necessary.


Make it a general rule to look for a company that is FENSA registered, as this can provide you with greater peace of mind with regards to compliance (our registration can be seen at the bottom of the homepage). If an organisation has been verified, it means that the company has been inspected and vetted to meet certain standards and competencies.


Make sure you don't sacrifice service quality just to get the best deals financially, as although cost should be taken into account, don't simply pay attention to the price. Make sure the business you choose is able to provide a strong, written guarantee regarding the work completed, which should indicate that the business is committed to resolving any issues that may arise.

Additional Energy Efficiency

An effective measure for gauging the overall energy efficiency provided by windows within your home, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) gives a property a general rating from A++ (most efficient) to E (least efficient). If you are living in a new build home, then you are most likely to have a window that has been rated C- or above, whereas older homes could be rated as low as E. The government has placed ratings on windows to ensure that new homes are fitted with reliable, durable and effective windows, whether they are single, double or even triple-glazed. Not confident in your home’s efficiency? We’re happy to oversee your upgrades or repairs.

It is increasingly important to ensure that your windows are high quality, which you can ensure by enlisting our help at True Window & Glass Centre Ltd. Although double glazed windows may be a costly investment at first, they can provide you with considerable savings in the future.

Quick Tips

Looking for other ways to combat the repercussions of a draughty home or inefficient HVAC appliances? There are plenty of other tips which can prove extremely helpful, none of which will break the bank. Below are just a few of our most trusted tips for homeowners and stakeholders of commercial buildings:

Switching To Efficient Appliances

Two of the most energy-intensive appliances within the average home are the dryer and refrigerator, and swapping them out for more energy-efficient models can cut your usage of electricity, and also lower your electricity bills. The installation of heat pumps is an additional energy-saving strategy, with the general rule that appliances will use less electricity if you maintain and replace them every few years.

Solar-Powered Devices

The most well-known and popular alternative energy source that can be used in a home or commercial setting are solar panels. Solar energy is a good way to start stepping off the grid and consuming a better source of electricity, especially since you can power your house with just a few panels. Solar PV investment costs have decreased rapidly over the last decade too, paving the way for affordable renewable electricity.

Smart Tech

In 2023, every buyer of a new home will likely be looking for a fully-fledged smart home - one which will make their life easier and lower their carbon footprint. Smart devices turn off when not in use and often retain innovative features which cleverly save you time and effort. Popular energy-efficient smart tech includes LED bulbs and smart thermostats to name just a couple.

True Window & Glass Centre Ltd: Double Glazing Installation To Conservatory Insulation

At True Window & Glass, we offer a variety of double-glazing services and repairs to the general public and trade customers in the Midlands, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Other glazing services include bi-folding doors, French doors and patio doors in uPVC or aluminium - for residential, apartment, commercial and educational buildings. In addition, we oversee the repair and installation of energy-efficient window systems and secondary glazing systems at your convenience.

We are double glazing specialists with more than 40 years of experience, based in Lincoln and serving Gainsborough, Newark, Grantham, Sleaford, and nearby areas. Along with double-glazed window units made at our Lincoln headquarters, we also provide custom glass products like painted glass splashbacks and glass shelving, with slim-line heritage units as well as a variety of options in terms of conservatory insulation. Interested in our services? Contact the team at your earliest convenience.

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